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The Power of donation

Have you decided to help children at orphanages or children’s home but don’t know yet how can you help exactly? The first thing that may come to your mind is to buy some toys or clothes for kids. Of course, these things are also important but according to our experience the biggest problem these kids face is lack of proper communication with adults. We provide psychology help and support for children in partnership with local communities in Ukraine. Poor children are also helped with medical needs, such as epilepsy treatment, medical expenses, as well as better meal daily, supplied by the Balys Charity. We would appreciate any donation, whether it is just $5, or whatever you want to give, it can help Ukrainian kids get better future. By making a charitable donation to the Balys Charity, you are there for poor children who face emergencies and help as they try to build their life. You can read the stories about kids we helped on our website. We could not be there without the generous donations from people like you.

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About Balys Charity

The Balys Charity was set up by John and Isabella Balys with their family and friends, to support very poor families in Ukraine. John, who owns Balys Hotel brand, always dreamt of going to the poor countries to carry out volunteer work. The opportunity presented itself when he went together with his wife to Odessa and saw that he could be of service to certain poor communities. This is when Balys Charity was born. We want to help children who do not have proper family and therefore lack of mentor advice and friend support. We provide psychology help throughout orphanages and children’s homes in Ukraine. Our specialists help kids follow their own inclinations and find right educational programs or job. We also provide medical help for the children who require emergency assistance. Mr.&Mrs Balys

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Big Brother Big Sister project

One of the most effective ways to help children is friendship. This activity is based on the personal involvement of an adult in the life of a certain kid. An adult friend becomes a “big brother/sister” of a child and supports them whenever they need it. Friendship support for the child as a relatively new direction for orphaned children in Balys Charity. So far, we patronate the orphanage in the Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, and Poltava regions.

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